Friday, June 20, 2014

First Look - ECHO Glass Switch & Spey

When Tim Rajeff and I first started talking about a possible glass line up from ECHO Fly Fishing early last year, he asked what they could do outside of the typical trout weight rods that might interest the glass geeks out there.  My first suggestion was to design a couple fiberglass fly rods in the switch and spey catagory at a price that wouldn't break the piggy bank.  Tim was very receptive to the idea and figured that it could be done but wanted to get the ECHO Glass series out first which they have done with very positive reviews all around.

Tim and I talked again early this year and he mentioned that they had been messing around with a couple prototypes which were promising and he figured that it would be a limited series of just a couple fly rods.  I was more than happy with that since there just aren't to many choices with glass two handers and two is better than nothing at all. 

Fast forward to a few days ago and this image popped up on the ECHO Instagram page which should get quite a few people excited.  There are more than two long rods in this series and the price point shouldn't scare anyone off either.

Here's the first bits of intel on the new ECHO Glass Switch and Spey rods...

- Seven models from 10'6" to 13"
- Switch rods three to six weight
- Spey rods six to eight weight
- Four piece fly rods
- Priced from $279.99 to $299.99
- Available early 2015

Can you dig it?  I can.  More information coming on this exciting new offering from ECHO Fly Fishing.


Smitty said...

looks very interesting,I converted an 8'featherlight to 2 hander and like it. A 10"6" in 3 or 4wt sounds like it could really be my rod.

Jay said...

Pretty interesting!

Randall said...


I mean nooooo....too many things to spend money on. Can't wait until those come out...I can see either the 7wt spey or the 6wt switch finding it's way my direction once they come out...or both.

Martin said...

Do you know if there will be blanks for sale as well?

Steve Shapiro said...

I love my Echo Glass 3 weight! That said, I am still new to fly fishing and living near Chicago, most of my time is spent in neighboring states to fish for trout. I just learned there are numerous places to fish for steelhead within an hours drive in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan. Would this make a good selection for steelhead? If so, what might you suggest considering?

Roger Bouchard said...

I have a 10'6" in 3 Wt
with a vision vibe line 4-5 and 5-6
with poly leader trout 10 foot
Excelent for roll cast and spey cast
not for extra long cast
but very fun and smooth cast
have a 19 inch rainbow on it and it was

Shannon Lonardo said...

I presently use a loop yellow quite a bit. Oh hell ya I could see a few of these being used right along w/ the loop. I'm not much for the newer style fly rods after 40 years of fly fishing.....TYVM Tim for bringing back the good stuff. Much like a fine wine....some things can't really get any better.