Thursday, August 28, 2014

Morlock's Carp Spoon

I mentioned it the other day when I posted the step by step for the Martinez Frankenstein Sculpin, but I also was able to photograph Kevin Morlock of Indigo Guide Service tying a new pattern that he developed this summer while on Beaver Island that he's dubbed the Morlock's Carp Spoon.

This is a relatively easy tie that moves really cool once it's in the water and can be tied in a variety of sizes with different colored dubbed heads and lead eyes.

Hook- Daiichi 2152 - Size 1
Eyes- Large Lead Eyes In Red
Wing- Yellow Mallard Flank - 3 Matching Feathers Stacked
Accent- A Pinch of Pink Marabou
Flash- Copper Flashabou
Hackle- Olive Schlappen - Trim Bottom Flat
Head- Black Ice Dub

Check out the Indigo Guide Service website for more information on the flies used for Lake Michigan carp and follow along on the Third Coast Fly blog for the latest news.


chris said...

look at that tool holder. its like a tool holder that fits over a 5 gallon bucket, only real small! i want one.....ask him where he got it please!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Chris...look no farther than Bucket Boss for a mug. Less than $10.