Sunday, August 17, 2014

T.U. - Headwaters Youth Program

This TwoFisted Heart Productions video was released some time ago and the T.U. Headwaters Youth Program is certainly well worth sharing. 

What is the Headwaters Youth Program?

"TU’s Headwaters Youth Program helps foster a sense of respect for the natural world and engages young people in hands-on conservation projects in their home waters. 

Encompassing a range of programs and projects known as the Stream of Engagement, Headwaters serves children, teenagers and young adults. From the nationally-recognized, science-based Trout in the Classroom and Adopt-a-Trout programs to summer fly fishing camps, leadership summits and fly fishing clubs, Headwaters involves young people in TU’s mission to protect and restore the nation’s coldwater resources."

Check out the T.U. Headwaters Youth Program website for more information.

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