Friday, August 29, 2014

Weekend Giveaway - Where The Featherlight Did Summer Go?

It's kind of unbelievable to me that we are entering into the Labor Day weekend and the first day of fall is just a couple weeks away.  I am scratching my head wondering "Where the "F" did summer go?"  I had plans that didn't come true.  Places I had intended to kayak and fish.  Steal away evenings after work on the family pond.  Other places I had planned on taking the children to fish with crickets and light line spinning rods.  A quick trip or three down to the lowcountry to hit a flood tide.  I did just about none of it.  Where did this summer go?

I was thinking last night that nothing says summer like an Eagle Claw fly rod and in this case let's just substitute the other "F" word for Featherlight.  I have been holding back a stash that Eagle Claw sent me earlier in the year for a weekend giveaway and this one seems like a good one to make a few people happy when they get back to the office early next week.

I've always said that you shouldn't over think the fly line choice on these Eagle Claw fly rods and the S.A. AirCel Panfish fly line is the perfect match for the 7' 5/6 weight Featherlight.

While I was putting together this giveaway last night I shot a text to Rep Your Water and they gladly gave up a few Bluegill Trucker Cap to complete this weekend's giveaway.     

1.  Send an email to and tell me about the plans that you didn't get a chance to do this summer that you expected to?

2.  Please send only ONE EMAIL submission per email address.  Duplicates will be deleted.

3.  Submissions will be accepted until 6:00 a.m. Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014. 

4.  On Tuesday morning FOUR WINNERS will be chosen by random number generator and then listed at the bottom of this post.  Winners will also be contacted by email as well.

5.  Each winner will each receive the following...

So..."Where The Featherlight Did Summer Go?"

Be sure to take a few minutes this weekend and let me know.

There were over 450 emails that were sent in over the four day weekend and the random number generator picked these four lucky winners...


Thanks to everyone that took the time to send in emails.  I had a good time reading through them over the weekend.  Thanks also to Eagle Claw, Scientific Anglers, and Rep Your Water for the support. 


Unknown said...

Thanks for the awesome opportunity to win some great gear for those of us who spent the summer doing everything but what we really wanted to!

Roger Bird said...

I agree with Michael. Mine was a bummer of a summer.

Unknown said...

also a big thanks from me. really enjoy the content you find us. Thanks for all the time and effort-tight lines

Unknown said...

Yessir! Thanks Cam!