Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The L. Kenney 8055

Truth told, I have to many damn fly rods but truth also told, I can't help myself sometimes and when Larry Kenney quietly announced that he was offering an eight foot five piece five weight I quickly asked to be added to the build list.

Larry Kenney doesn't build a lot of fly rods but the ones that he does are well worth the wait.  I spent a few minutes in the front  yard with the 8055 matched with an Orvis CFO and S.A. SharkWave Ultimate Trout in 5WF and it felt like magic.  This five weight is progressive in feel and it's going to be the perfect travel companion.  This fly rod just might break me of the rod tube overstuffed with three piece fly rods on fly fishing trips. 

I purchase just a couple fly rods each year for my own collection and I definitely wanted one of these.  I am calling it an early but well timed birthday present to myself as my wife and I are off to Montana in a couple weeks to bang around the Missoula area for a few days.  This fly rod is going to get bent with a trout for the first time on that trip.

Larry Kenney is low drag without a website or social media pages but there are a couple T.F.M. to read up on regarding available offerings.  The first linked post is especially interesting since Larry Kenney provides quite a bit of background on glass rods, their features, and a full explanation of the models offered. 


Larry Kenney can be contacted by email at with questions or to place an order.

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