Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Couple Of Good Tools You Need

I've been on a real bender for the past year or so on outdoor and edged tools of all sorts.  Maybe it's because I never really went through that "knife phase" as a boy growing up and playing with a pocket folders, machetes, or hatchets.  I guess I'm making up for it now with a mostly healthy tool fetish and it's been a lot of fun coming across different knife, axe, and outdoor tool makers doing things the old way and many of these companies, like many small shop fly rod builders, are doing their work in the U.S.A. which I always commend.

Here are two companies that have graciously offered the T.F.M. readership discounts when ordering online and there may be a couple upcoming giveaways that these companies will be supporting as well to be on the look out for too.

I recently turned 40 and spent some squirreled away money on The Woodman's Pal since it's just the perfect tool for what I do a lot of during the winter here in South Carolina with clearing the vines and brush that continuously grows up in the woods around our home.  This is a very heavy duty tool with a sharp machete type edge on the front side and then a second edge on the backside hook for cutting through vines and branches. 

The Woodsman's Tool has been made since the early 1940's and was standard issue to the military, used by public safety, and I see this a the perfect tool for those in the outdoors that need of a multi use tool.  I know a couple fly fishing guides that would find one of these handy to have in the drift boat to clear dangerous obstructions and downed trees on the streams that they float.

Pro Tool Industries has created a 20% off discount code of "FM1014" on all online orders from their website.

I highlighted the Popsqtool in the "10 For Summer" and the grilling season continues with weekends tailgating and dinners on camping trips.  These handy grill tools have been getting a lot of use and an essential do all since the Pops Q Tool is six tools in one.  It's part spatula, fork, knife, bottle opener, grill scraper, and when used together works as a pair of tongs.

The Pops Q Tool is Made In The U.S.A. and offered in two sizes with several different handle colors.  They can also be engraved with custom logos or personalized for free.

Use discount code "TFM25" for 25% off your online purchase on the Pops Q Tool website.

One for the woods and one for the grill and both worth having.

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