Friday, October 3, 2014

Just A Typical Fall Day In Montana

I made it to Missoula without a snag the other day and my checked bag made the flight even with a quick thirty minute layover.  Joel Thompson of Montana Troutaholic Outfitters was at the airport waiting for me and we headed into town for lunch at Tamarack Brewing Company, a quick stop in at the Grizzly Hackle, and then once Joel's wife Deb was off work we visited Great Burn Brewing followed by a very excellent dinner at Plonk before heading back to the house.

Consider this easing into the visit the right way.

Yesterday we tossed the Flycraft Stealth raft on top of the truck and headed off for day on a stretch of water that Joel hadn't floated before and as we arrived at the put in a few flakes began to fall, followed by sun, which was followed by several hours of heavy wet sleet, which was followed by dark clouds, which was finally followed by blue skies to end the day.  You know, just a typical fall Montana day.

We hucked streamers all day long on a sink tip and picked up a mix of browns, Westslope cutthroats, and Joel tangled with a small Bull Trout that just made my day to see one for the first time after a few trips to Montana.  What a very special fish those are.

We are off to the Clarks Fork River today near Missoula and looking forward to a warmer day with more sun.  Maybe we'll have a few mayflies coming off if we're lucky.

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