Sunday, October 12, 2014

Silver Sonic Guide Waders: Now Featuring Double Haul I.P.A. Pocket

Orvis Silver Sonic Guide with the ever handy flip out Double Haul I.P.A. front pocket.  Okay, I made that up but it worked perfectly last weekend while in Montana.  Why I didn't max out my luggage coming back with four packs until I hit 50 pounds in each bag, I just don't know.  Rookie 406 mistake.

Have you made it to your local Orvis fly shop to participate in the "SUIT UP WITH SONIC!" giveaway and get in on over $4,700 of prizes that are up for grabs?  It's easy to play with just trying on a pair of the Silver Sonic Waders and your name and email will be taken and tossed in the bucket for the random drawing for a long list of prizes.

The giveaway ends on October 18th, 2014, so best make your plans to stop into your local Orvis shop this week.

Visit the previous T.F.M. post and the Orvis website for more details.

Good luck and these waders are worth trying on as I've been nothing but impressed with mine so far.


Jeffrey Clarke said...

I wish there was an Orvis store near me..

Middlemac said...