Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Der Schmetterling

Eunan Hendron of Addicted To Vise certainly twists up some amazing flies and one of his latest creations is this double Durham Ranger on a specialty fly tying hook.

Other possible titles for this post would be "The Butterfly", which is the German translation of Der Schmetterling, or "What A $70 Fly Tying Hook Looks Like".  OUCH.

Check out the Addicted To Vise website and follow along on the Instagram page for what Eunan's working on next.


antonio ercole said...

Gorgeous, but Ice on such a single malt Speyside whisky is a crime for me!

Eunan said...

Thanks for the compliment on the fly, but not sure I agree about the ice in the Whiskey!!

Cameron, Look me up the IFTS - I'll only be there on Sunday.


Cameron Mortenson said...


Eunan...I'll be around on Sunday morning for sure. Let's link up.