Monday, November 10, 2014

Skipping School For Trout

As plans were coming together for last week's fly fishing film event in Asheville, I figured it would make the day really worthwhile if I spent some time fly fishing while up there.  Since my nine-year-old daughter Hadley has been asking to go, I worked it out with her teachers to skip her out of school for the day and then cashed in an invite from Davidson River Outfitters to check out their Private Trophy Water.  This stretch of the Davidson River is just minutes from the shop and I'd hopefully be able to put her on a few good trout. 

I'm not sure how much Hadley slept that night since she was so excited that she bounded down from her bed as soon as I walked into her bedroom.  She was ready to go in minutes.  

We left the house about 5 a.m. and arrived at the shop about the time it opened, we picked up a dozen or so flies, jumped into our waders in the parking lot, and then headed to the river.

The Private Trophy Water was a really neat experience and we had quite a long stretch all to ourselves.  It wasn't long before we were picking off rainbows of all sizes with small nymphs and the oh so dirty but effective, Squirmy Wormy.   

This was Hadley's first experience fly fishing on a river and we had a really fun day on the water.  As you can tell in this set of photographs all she did was smile and laugh all day long.  It was really neat to see her confidence build through the morning and into the afternoon.  I was really surprised how calm she was when she played a trout and she all but demanded to net each trout herself.  I was impressed and just had a good time snapping photos.  

Orvis Superfine Glass five weight, CFO III fly reel, a flat brim lid, and a smile.  This kid knows the program.

The DRO Private Trophy Water was a ton of fun and well worth checking out if you find yourself in the area.  Davidson River Outfitters offering guide service on this water or a rod fee can be done as well to access it.

Check out the Davidson River Outfitters website for more information or to book a trip.


three mile lyle said...


Did the same with my oldest back in May. One of the best decisions I have ever made.

Your daughter will remember this long after you are gone. She missed an utterly forgetable day of school for the day of a liketime with her pops.

Well done!

Cameron Mortenson said...'s really amazing how much fun a child can have on a day like this. I think Hadley sang in my ear all day long.