Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gear Review - My First Opinel No7 Scouts Knife

I've mentioned it several times lately that I'm going through somewhat of a edged tool bender, which has included knives, and it seems to be rubbing off on our children as well.  We spend a lot of time outside, so I guess it only makes sense. 

Finn, who's now five years old, has been wanting his own knife and after doing a bit of research online, I found what looked to be the perfect choice with the My First Opinel No7 Scouts Folding Knife.  Finn received one for Christmas and so far he's only cut himself once which isn't to bad all things considered for as much as he's had it in his hands. 

Finn...my somewhat uncooperative hand model.

This knife wins for several reasons...

First and foremost, Opinel makes a quality folding knife and this one is no exception.  The hornbeam handle is available in five color choices and these knives feature a stainless steel blade that is factory sharp.

What can get a child into a lot of trouble with a knife is a pointed tip and the smooth rounded tip of the My First Opinel No7 Scouts Knife is a great feature for young users.  The knife has a sharp enough blade that can cut but you don't have to worry about things getting stabbed.

The knife is easy in function to lock and unlock with the Virobloc feature and even at five years old, Finn can do it without any issues.  A knife with a fixed blade or that locks into place is a must for me personally and even more important for a young user.

Finally, the price of the My First Opinel No7 Scouts Fold Knife won't break the bank either and these are priced around $15.00.

Check out the Opinel Kid's Corner for more information. 

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jack welling said...

Had a nice locking folder by Case at about that age. A little cutting, sure. Had to learn sometime.

I became very careful with blades because of that exposure. Even so...

Had a pen knife by Case a couple years later. Wasn't so careful with it and wore a bandage. Not a lock back. Small hands small knife. Not a good fit.

Like the choice very much. Good pick!

I carry "the picnicer" locking folder now. Great for slicing sausage in the field improvised cocktail hour.

Small Ka-bar clone by Randall on my hip at camp - when not around waders!