Monday, March 16, 2015

A Late Afternoon Fix

It seems that by Sunday afternoon my wife and I are scratching our heads wondering where the weekend went.  Yesterday the children and I skipped out for a couple late afternoon hours on the pond. 

Hadley and Finn paddled up and down the pond, swimming even if their teeth were chattering, and enjoyed an afternoon in the low 80's.  I brought a fly rod, a box of flies, and picked off a couple fish to start the pond season off right.  I'm looking forward to spending much more time on the family pond now that things are warming up.

We were off the water in time for dinner on the back porch.  Damn, I dig spring and looking forward to more of this in the weeks to come.


Unknown said...

What kind of reel is this? It looks great!

Middlemac said...

So neat!!

Know it was great fun.

Cameron Mortenson said... is a Martin 67A and easily found on ebay for decent prices.

Middlemac...thanks. It's great to be getting out on the pond again.

Unknown said...

I walked over to my pond here in Tennessee on Sunday evening, also. Practiced my rollcast until dusk, when I finally caught a 'gill... It was a tad cooler here.
I thought that the reel was a customized Pfluger!

Anonymous said...

What is this Spring you speak of?

Unknown said...

How do you like the Prime rod? What weight were you throwing? I'm thinkin' about it, but not sure yet. Don't have a Cabelas near to try one out.