Thursday, March 19, 2015

GEAR REVIEW - Sportsman Bumper

It never fails that while gearing up, taking a break back at the vehicle, or breaking down at the end of a day on the water, that a fly rod leaned up against the vehicle or a nearby tree will catch the breeze (or your clumsy buddy walks by) and fall over or off of where it was laid down.  This can lead to a broken fly rod, scratched up reel, and laying your gear on the ground is never a good idea.

Lately I've been using the Sportsman Bumper and have been very impressed.  This heavy duty rubber device has five magnets on the backside that attach firmly to a metal surface and it is easy to attach and detach. 

The Sportsman Bumper is available in three color choices (Forest Green is sold out for now) and has five clips sized small and large to accommodate fly rods as well as shotguns and rifles.  Having the magnets embedded into the rubber keeps them from scratching the paint of your vehicle and this is just a genius idea all around. 

$20 is cheap insurance on keeping fly rods where they are supposed to be if you really think about it.  The Sportsman Bumper is easy to use and it's going to save a fly rod (or many more) from here on out.

Visit the Sport Bumper website for more information and pick up a Sportsman Bumper of your own.  All orders are sent with free shipping.

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Unknown said...

Nice but I'm kind of partial to placing my rod(s) on the windshield and holding them in place with the wipers. No way you can forget or run them over.

Paul Jacobs