Sunday, March 29, 2015

Seele Fly Rods - Glass Zeitlos Pro4

Fly rod magicians Mike McFarland and Michael Mauri of Seele Fly Rods continue to push the envelope of what glass can do great with the introduction of the Glass Zeitlos Pro4 series fly rods.

These 8'8" four piece fly rods are available in six, eight, and 10+ weights and the perfect choice if you're looking for highly capable heavy weight glass.

I've cast quite a few of the Seele Fly Rods and it seems the higher up the line weight, the more impressed I am with these fly rods.  I thought I would completely hate the black EVA foam grips but instead found them comfortable and fit these builds as total workhorses.

From the Seele Fly Rods press release...

The six weight makes a perfect all around rod for trout, bass, carp, redfish, bonefish...  From super light trout tippet to 15 pound saltwater tippet with this rod?  Not a problem!  Fine presentation and pulling big fish?  This 6wt is the perfect tool! 

 The eight weight is taper wise similar to the little brother but just more powerful.  Perfect for chucking streamers and fishing sinking lines for big predators.  Very easy to cast, smooth in your hand.  If you put some power in this rod it shows its teeth. 

The 10wt+ is just unreal and is the ultimate beast in a travel version.  This rod casts equally a 10, 11, and 12 weight line.  Yes you got it right!  Easy to cast and load, with a lot of feeling but brutal strength and lifting power!  If you are looking for one travel rod that you can really trust - this is your rod!  Jacks, Tarpon, Shark, Tuna, Cuda, Monster Musky and the biggest Chinook Salmon.  You name it, this rod can handle it. 

All of our Zeitlos Pro 4 rods come standard with our exclusive synthetic full wells grip.  These grips are perfect for both salt and freshwater use.  For the traditionalist we also offer the 886 and 888 with a flor grade cork handle and with or without a fighting butt for a small up charge.

The Glass Zeitlos Pro4 fly rods are priced from $685 to $735 and are rolled and built in Bellwood, Pennsylvania.

Please visit the Seele Fly Rods website for more information.  Follow along the latest shop news on their Facebook page.

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