Monday, April 6, 2015

A Day On The Little Truckee River

After two days on the ladders at Pyramid Lake getting wind and sun burnt, everyone was ready for a break to do something a little different and fortunately for us fly fishing guide (and fellow glass geek) Dan LeCount of Truckee River Outfitters suggested that we spend the day on the Little Truckee River.  The river had been fishing well with even a chance for some mayflies if it stayed cloudy and cool and if not, nymphs and midges were sure to work.

We arrived at the river mid morning, geared up, and then hiked into the river.  Mule deer, eagles, and many other birds were just a few local fauna that we came across.

Over the course of the day we covered several different locations on the Little Truckee River and found some noses coming up for emergers and small dry flies.  Most takes however came to small midges and worm flies fished deep.

Photo Credit - Scott Hunter/VEDAVOO

The Little Truckee River is beautiful water with a lot of different looks with open meadows, canyons, and forests.  It was great to have Dan's expertise to look to throughout the day and we would have been lost without him.  Thanks again Dan for coming along.

Check out Dan's blog, Rusty Hooks, and book a trip through Truckee River Outfitters if you're out that way.


CJ said...

VERY Awesome Cameron. Jealous of so many places you get to travel. And like to know you note the birdZ :) as well. Photos rock here too. Enjoy your blog.


Unknown said...

Dan LeCount is a close friend of mine, and one would be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable, patient, and in tune guide around. Glad you guys were able to connect with him. The LT is a very special place, but it can also be a tough place to find some love without a little help.

He's also wrapping me a beautiful 480 glass rod!

joshua citrak said...

don't bother fishing the LT. there are no fish there. probably best to just stay home and watch tv.

Joe said...

Dan is a good dude. Hope you had fun up there. Did you get anything along the bat cave there on the LT?