Wednesday, April 29, 2015

ECHO Glass Switch + Spey

Some of the more exciting new fly rod offerings in fiberglass for this year has certainly been the ECHO Fly Fishing Glass Switch and Glass Spey fly rods with seven different choices from a 10'6" three weight switch to a 13' eight weight spey rod.  

ECHO Fly Fishing really covered all the two hander wants and needs bases with these fly rods and they surprised everyone with a price point of under $300 for any of the fly rods in the two series.

From the ECHO Fly Fishing email blast...

"All-new for 2015, Echo introduces the first major production run of fiberglass Spey and Switch rods in the industry. Why fiberglass? Good question. Fiberglass recovers more smoothly than graphite, giving the caster a better sensation of how the line is loading the rod. Improved feedback through the casting cycle results in a fun, effortless, bug launching. 

Echo Glass Spey and Switch rods feature sensitive tips to protect tippet when slinging surface patterns on a dry line, and plenty of "sneaky power" to catapult long, heavy sink tips with ultimate ease. Steelheaders looking to increase their "hook-to-hand" ratio will be impressed with the way these rods absorb the energy of active, unpredictable fish."

ECHO Fly Fishing also released these three short films which highlight the Glass Switch and Spey rod offerings.

Want to know what grain fly line matches each Glass Switch and Glass Spey rod best?  Click HERE.

Visit the ECHO Fly Fishing website for more information. 

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