Friday, April 3, 2015

The Ladder Diaries - Day 2

We were told on our first day on Pyramid Lake that we needed more clouds and wind to turn things on.  On our second day we did get a bit more cloud cover but we ended up with more wind than we asked for with sustained 30 mph winds and sustained 60 mph winds complete with sand storms.  Everything was covered in sand and we were really glad that Derrol brought his Aliner camper along as a reprieve from the weather.

In the afternoon the crew from When The Line Goes Tight stopped by and tipped everyone off to switch to indicator setups with a couple large midge nymphs dropped below.  This suggestion paid off with quite a few Lahontans caught through the evening until large rollers turned into several foot waves crashing against our ladders that pushed us off the lake a hour or so before dark.  Things got brutal fast and it's easy to see how Pyramid Lake can change personalities quickly depending on wind and weather.

At the end of the day we were all wind burnt and exhausted but had a great day at the lake.

Check out the When The Line Goes Tight website for solid local info on northern Nevada and elsewhere.


Feather Chucker said...

How was your back and calves?

J and M Flies said...

What kind of setup (Rod and reel wise) were you using? Great looking fish!

Cameron Mortenson said... are in the know. By Day 3 my legs, calves, and back were crying. HA...

J&M Flies...I'll give a full breakdown of gear in an upcoming post.

Unknown said...

Nice fish! Looks like tons of fun. You know I would have gone swimming at least once! Love the tecate catch!