Sunday, May 24, 2015

Rod Catalog - 2015 Unstructured Fiberglass Fly Rod Offerings

Rod builder Vladan Milenkovic of Rod Catalog continues to design and innovate and his latest offerings went up on the website recently.  These blanks are well worth checking out if you're looking for something that is both unique and wonderful.

Also, Vlad was recently featured in the Serbian online magazine Spin & Fly, and even if you can't read the article, it's worth a visit for the photographs alone.

From the Rod Catalog website...

After a long wait, the 2015 blanks are here! I will offer a limited number of following models for this year: 

8' 4wt 4pc (watercress green glass) -  This is the same taper which started the Unstructured Glass series...a "do everything" spring creek rod. This year it is offered in translucent light green glass. 

8'3" 5wt 4pc (white currant yellow glass) - When you need little more reach and little more power. An all around spring creek travelling fiberglass fly rod with a progressive taper in E-glass. 

8'6" 8/9wt 4pc (seaweed green glass) - An all around saltwater rod for traveling fiberglass flyrodder. Built on the edge of Atlantic Ocean, this rod has some serious saltwater karma embedded in its fibers. "Conquistador" taper will work well in both sight casting and blind casting situations, depending on the line choice. Dedicated warmwater anglers will also like this taper! 

The prices for this year's models are $525 for trout rods and $599 for saltwater rods.  Insured US shipping is included in the price. 

I still have few 7'6" 3wt 4pc "Old Empire" blanks available. Semi-parabolic taper in red glass, very similar in feel to a light Perfectionist taper. Limited builds are still available for $499, US shipping included.

Please visit the Rod Catalog website for more information or send an email to Vlad at

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