Tuesday, May 26, 2015

UV Wader Repair = Cheap Insurance

This past weekend I finally had a chance to take a few minutes and unpack the duffel bag from the #carpcon trip to the PNW and the waders and wading boots had finally dried out as well.  Before rolling the waders up and putting them away, I gave them a good once over and noticed a welded seam that was pulling apart just a bit. 

Instead of just letting it go and hoping that it wouldn't continue to fall apart, I figured it was best to break out the Loon Outdoors UV Wader Repair and do some preventative maintenance.

If you are not familiar with UV Wader Repair then you need to be.  This product is easy to use and in my experience it's the cheapest insurance to have around on the water for an on the go remedy to a wader tear or seam failure.  I have waders around that have gone several years without issues after applying the UV Wader Repair.  This product works and works well.

The UV Wader Repair will cure in direct sunlight but can also be used with a UV flashlight.  Loon Outdoors offers three models with the UV Mini Lamp, UV Power Light, and the UV Mega Light.

A couple years ago I reviewed this product but figured it would be good to bring it up again.  If you didn't read the Barbed Wire's A Total B*$&# post then check it out as well.

Check out the Loon Outdoors website for more information and pick up a tube of UV Wader Repair online or at your local dealer.


Bigdryfly said...

That stuff is worth it's weight in gold. I remember the first time we used that many years in Montana...it saved a day of fishing in the middle of no where!

Rob Snowhite said...

Wader repair is the last thing I use this stuff for. I patch my kids toys (fixed Elsa's head), beach balls, kitchen gadgets, and most recently my boat cover where someone flicked a butt on it and burned a hole through it.