Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tailor Made By V. Huttley X PBR = FUN

Sometimes I get to play with (REALLY) nice things and a couple weeks ago Vince of Tailor Made by V. Huttley sent over this one off Pabst Blue Ribbon fly reel to check out.  Vince's work is unbelievably good and this fly reel has a perfect click and sound.

I'm not sure when I am sending this one back but I'm using it while I've got it.  Having no trout trips in the mix right now, I loaded the reel up with a fly line and have been messing around the family pond with the Superfine Glass five weight and a handful of poppers.

Few things are more 'Merica than PBR and pond bass and bluegill smashing poppers.

Want to see how this fly reel was made?  Check out this T.F.M. post from a few months ago HERE.

I just picked up a four pack of Bell's Brewery cans last night and will be sending them over to Vince for a possible limited Edition run of Oberon emblazoned fly reels. 

Check out the Tailor Made by V. Huttley Facebook page for the latest shop news and the Alternative Tackle website for current and future offerings.

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