Thursday, July 16, 2015

3 First Looks - Fenglass, Medalist & Ultra

In the weeks leading up to IFTD, I was able to get my hands on three new products that are being released at the show this week and wanted to give everyone a first look with a couple impressions so far.

This project has been in the works for several years and after multiple taper tweaks, color samples, and a whole lot of casting, the Fenwick Fenglass series is reborn.

I've spent some time on the water with a late in the process prototype set of all six fly rods in the series, especially the six, seven, and eight weight, and I'm impressed.  A lot of thought went into the action and design of these three piece fly rods and it shows.  The "Fenglass" logo and aesthetics of the builds is well done too. 

The Fenglass series will include these six models...


The Fenglass page calls these "Medium Action" and I would mostly agree with that.  The S2 fiberglass construction makes for a light and responsive fly rod that I may call more on the progressive end of medium but certainly keeping in the tradition of an enjoyable casting fly rod.

This series is priced at $199.95 to $249.95 depending on which fly rod model chosen and include a cloth rod sock and rod tube.

More information can be seen on the Fenwick Fenglass website.

Expected release is early September.

This is a short list of endeared fly reels that many still use on the water and others collect and the Pflueger Medalist is certainly near the top of that list.

When the team at Pure Fishing went to work on the Medalist project they wanted a fly reel that tipped it's cap to the past in design but also would be a solid performer on the water.  These machines fly reels are well made with a stellar click and pawl drag design.

The Pflueger Medalist series of fly reels will be available in three sizes of 3/4 weight, 5/6 weight, and 7/8 weight.  The 7/8 weight was built large enough that it could be used on a switch or two hander fly rod if desired.

The Medalists fly reels will be priced from $119.95 to $139.95 depending on the size chosen.

These fly reels should be available Fall 2015.

Hugh Hutson of Pure Fishing has put a lot of work into both the Fenwick Fenglass and Pflueger Medalist projects and look for an interview on T.F.M. soon which will give a lot of insider information on how these products came to life.

Exciting news out of ICAST that the Pflueger Medalist won the "Best of Show" award last evening.  Congrats to the Pflueger team who have been working on this project.

There are quite a few new fly lines in the mix from Scientific Anglers for 2016 and a favorite release is the redo of the Ultra fly line series complete with retro packaging.    

This 70th Anniversary Heritage Edition is built from a classic taper which should work perfectly on glass, cane, and slower action graphite and the vintage mint color of the fly line is a nice touch as well.

The Ultra fly lines will be available in weight forward three weight to six weight.

Where vintage meets modern is in the tech that is put into this fly line and the SA ID is a nice touch as well.

The Ultra fly lines will be priced at $49.95 which is a steal and should be available at your local Scientific Anglers dealer in the next month or so.

More info from IFTD coming soon on a few other products that have caught my eye so far.


thereelbobbyd said...

Cameron, it appears as you still can't palm the medalist. Don't get me wrong, I really like the looks of the new one, but that is one thing I wish they would have taken the time to change. What are your thoughts?

Dan Starr said...

Wait, vintage looking Fenwick glass and Pflueger Medalists?

I'm already in love with vintage Fenwicks and Medalists. I'm in!

Unknown said...

Really interested in this new set up! Cameron since you did a review also on the new cabelas prime how did if feel compared to let's say 3wt to 3wt? I'm eyeing the fenglass 3wt up. I really like my prime 3 wt but hey you can't have to many rods. Just wondered what your thoughts were?

Unknown said...

Love Fenwick fiberglass rods. The first rod I ever even held was my dad's Fenwick, and I just so happen to be looking for a 6'6" 3wt. But, uhh, $120 for a Pflueger Medalist...? Are they still made in China?

Cameron Mortenson said...

Bobby Davis...I would say that this is a Medalist in name only. A hell of a fly reel for the money but feels more Hardy than Pfueger in my hands.

Dan...both are pretty damn cool.

Luke...I would have to get them both out side by side. It's on the "To Do" list.

William...I'm not sure about China...but somewhere Asian sourced.

Unknown said...

According to Field & Stream, the new Medalist is manufactured in China. Shocking! 😈