Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Totally Cheating

I know we were totally cheating with crickets but Finn and I don't care.  I used to blame the kids for why I was fishing crickets on an ultralight glass spinning rod but dammit, I like it too.   Call this my summer guilty pleasure.

We didn't catch anything big but that didn't really matter.  It was just really good to be on the pond fishing with my son for a couple hours before I had to be at work.  Sometimes these quick fixes, on crickets or fly, are all we really need.

Finn is doing more on his own which makes this father proud.  He's paddling his own kayak, casting his own rod, and puts his own gear bag together for the things he needs on the water.  I was really only around to put a cricket on the hook and remove hooks when he caught a bluegill.  It's great to see Finn take on more and more when we're outdoors together.


Unknown said...

Head out there next weekend, the moon will be full and have the big bluegills on the beds

Dan Starr said...

I need a pond like that in my backyard. Color me jealous.

And great stuff with the little dude. I can't tell you how proud I am when my older boy (just turned 5) comes to me and says, "Daddy, will you take me fishing?"

Anonymous said...

Cameron, been saying this off and on for some time now. It is so much fun to get back to the basics of fishing once in awhile when the need or want occurs. God bless you and your son during these moments.

Unknown said...

Looks like the Apple hasn't fallen far from the tree! Corny or not, cherish those moments and keep fostering all that goodness.

W.A. Isn't the only one looking forward to next weekend on the pond!