Saturday, August 29, 2015

6 Faces Of Hadley

Yesterday morning at breakfast when the children heard that I had caught a grass carp out of the family pond, they made it known that they wanted to give a try as well.  We went down an hour or so before dark and just like the night before I hooked up with one within just a few minutes and then passed off the fly rod to Hadley and Finn to battle with.

Unfortunately this one came unbuttoned ten minutes or so into it but it was still fun to snap some photos of Hadley in the moment.  She had her game face on and was working it side to side trying to keep it out of the lily pads and away from the dock pilings.

You might remember the "10 Faces of Finn" post from the spring and this blog is a easy way to journal a few photographs of the children every now and then.  

So crazy to watch them grow up and these years are seemingly flying by.  Where's the pause button?


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John Haus said...


Joe NorthtotheFutureBlog said...

Photos of kids fishing, I know from personal experience, as much more well loved when they are older than right now.

One of the main reasons I gave up playing hockey and golf, was so that I could hunt and fish again --- to be able to do it with my kids. Great shots! Awesome time I bet.

And... look at that rod bend!