Saturday, August 8, 2015

Upper Beaver Pond Adventure

At the beginning of summer break, Hadley and Finn made a long list of things that they wanted to do over the summer and near the top of the list was a kayak trip to the upper beaver pond.

The upper beaver pond is part of the family pond and we get there by weaving our way through skinny water maze of lily pads and a landmine of stumps.  Once there however I pulled the Diablo Paddlesports kayaks up on the wood pile and it overlooks a deep dark water pond. 

The last time we were there I think we caught one bluegill but on this trip it was literally fish after fish after fish.  It got so silly at one point that both children were catching fish on a bare hook with no cricket.  Needless to say the next couple hours were a lot of fun and we finally called it quits when we ran out of crickets and I had to head home to get ready for work.

We caught a smorgasbord of panfish of all sorts.  Mostly small but Hadley caught several that were big enough to keep if we had wished.  We might go back this afternoon and try to catch enough for dinner.

This last photograph is one of my favorites because it shows Finn portaging over the piled up wood all by himself.  I offered to help but he took the lead and said that he had it.  It took him a couple minutes of working it out but he was able to move the Chupacabra through the opening and back onto the other side.  

It's been really cool to see he and Hadley take on more and more when we're in the outdoors together this summer.   These are fishy kids for sure.

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