Friday, October 16, 2015

POSTFLY BOX - Unboxing The Trout Flybox

As I was walking out the door at IFTD in Orlando this summer, Brian Runnals of Postfly Box handed me one of their latest monthly Trout Flybox Subscription to check out.  It had been sitting unopened on my desk for a bit and recently I took a few minutes to do an "unboxing" and check it out part by part.

I think there are three obvious ways that the Postfly Box, or any of the other monthly fly subscription services, can be looked at to determine if it's for you and ultimately if it's a good deal or not for your wallet.

THE PRESENTATION - I think we all get a kick from getting something in the mail and whether it's the latest issue of your favorite fly fishing magazine or a steal off eBay.  A monthly fly subscription is no different and after putting hands on a few of the services I can tell you that no one does it better from a presentation standpoint than Postfly Box.  From the black custom logo shipping boxes, labeling of accessories, to a well laid out fly description card, and finally the decals included in each package.  The presentation is on point.  This is something you want to get the mail.  

THE QUALITY OF FLIES AND ACCESSORIES - I have had the opportunity to put hands on several of the different Postfly Box monthly boxes offered and the quality of the flies in each has been impressive.  Great general choice selections that make sense for the month that they are sent. 

In this Trout subscription box there were a baker's dozen of great patterns that would work just about anywhere and included a cool fly description card with an image of the fly, name of the fly, size, and fly type. 

Along with well tied flies each subscription box has contained several different accessories which are custom Postfly Box labeled that look sharp, come in handy, and really complete the package.

Postfly Box has created some interesting partnerships with companies like Tacky Fishing Fishing and Ebbets Field Flannel which make for some great additions to the website as well.

VALUE TO THE CUSTOMER - There are literally a ton of different ways that you can subscribe to the Postfly Box and fine tune the subscription with the number of months, type of box wanted with Trout, Steelhead, Saltwater Inshore, Saltwater Flats, and Warmwater, as choices, adding additional flies to your subscription (or not), and finally the ease of tacking on essential accessories to your box or grab cool logo apparel.

The Postfly Box website is a one stop shop for almost all the flies and accessories you'll need to be ready for some time on the water and this will be a fun package in the mail box once a month.

Check out the Postfly Box website for more information and subscribe if you like.  With the holidays quickly approaching, a subscription may be a great gift to give as well.

There are typically a few promo codes floating around with POSTFLY5 for $5 off or use STREAMERTIME for a free sinking leader with a $20 purchase.


joshua citrak said...

I dunno, is it just me or is tying your own flies prior to a fishing trip a large part of what makes fly fishing so rewarding? Shouldn't a fly fisherman, at the very least, be someone who aspires to tie fishable patterns?

Unknown said...

I agree 100%, but sometimes the time to tie these flies is not available. I know for me personally, sometimes it's hard enough to sneak in a trip much less find the time to tie flies.