Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sleeping Alone In The Woods

Last Thursday evening I drove up to Pisgah National Forest to secure a group campsite at Davidson River Campgrounds for our group of family and friends for the weekend.  This has become a yearly fall camping trip for us and going up before the group ensures getting a campsite and also allows me to get on the water before everyone arrives on Friday afternoon.

I arrived to the campground minutes before the camp staff were to close the office for the night and reserved one of the last sites available for the weekend.  Good thing I came up early.

Instead of setting up the tent in the dark I opted instead to pull a few plastic bins filled with camp gear out of the Element and laid the passenger seat into the rear seat to make a bed for the night.  This is kind of a rich man/poor man sleeping arrangement since if I slept in the car every night I may not have enjoyed the experience as much as I did but truth told though, the Element is made for this kind of living and I should certainly do it more.  Wrapped in a sleeping bag I was warm and comfortable throughout the night and slept past my alarm the next morning.

I woke thinking "Damn...  I needed that."


Tim said...

Careful what you wish for. I'm usually only a comment away from spending the night in the car at my house.��

Nick Williams said...

You need to invest in a hammock set up! Nothing beats a hammock.