Monday, December 28, 2015

This Week In #glassisnotdead

I noticed this morning while putting the post together that photos hashtagged with #glassisnotdead has surpassed the 15,000 image mark on Instagram.  And that doesn't even take into account the images on Twitter or Facebook.  If you think about it, that it a whole of experiences in angling, building, and collecting fiberglass fly rods.  Fiberglass fly rods may never be "mainstream" again (who cares) but there's certainly a lot of folks that enjoy them.

To finish out the year, here's a dozen and a half favorite images from the past week or two on Instagram.  Enjoy.



















Be sure to hashtag your photos with #glassisnotdead and a favorite photo may turn up in a future T.F.M. post.


Justin Carfagnini said...

Those are some fantastic photographs by all! That mirror carp by ZoZ is killer! Congrats on a such a successful movement!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Justin...thanks. It's been interesting to see it evolve over the years.