Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Vedavoo Super Fly Wallets & Bench Basins In Stock

Last night I arrived home from work to find a parcel from Vedavoo waiting on me that was stuffed full of Super Fly Wallets in several new colors with Comrade and Retro Fly patches and a fresh batch of Retro Fly Bench Basins. 

These are going into the T.F.M. Store today but figured I'd tip everyone off on the new offerings.

The Bench Basins are available in Woodland Camo with Retro Fly patch and are priced at $25.  The Super Fly Wallets are priced at $50 and available with the Comrade patch in red or Woodland Camo or with the Retro Fly patch in blaze orange or forest green.

There are limited quantities of each item so it's not a good idea to delay in sending an email if you're interested in placing an order.

All orders include a few TFM and Vedavoo decals and shipping.  I can take payment through PayPal, check, or credit card.

Check out the T.F.M. Store page for more information and if you'd like to place an order, send an email to

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