Saturday, March 5, 2016

Cutthroat Leader Company - Furled Leaders Explained

The Cutthroat Leader Company has been a supporter of T.F.M. for several years now and they offer and make a host of excellent products.  Recently they shared this great product poster on their Facebook page which does an excellent job of explaining the advantages and applications of each of their specialty furled leaders.

Check out the Cutthroat Leader Company website for more information or to place an order.  Check out the Facebook page for the latest promo code to save some money on your purchase.


Tami Curtis said...

I am just learning a bit about fly fishing, since we are looking at filming a few fly fishing episodes. This poster is extremely interesting...I had no idea that the furled leader make that much difference. But it does make sense cause in fishing every little detail can make a difference.

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Be careful with Cutthroat Leaders, they're addictive. In addition to being awesome for dry fly fishing, I had great success last summer using the Dry Fly w/ Indicator leader for short range high stick nymphing. I'm getting ready to put together another order for a few more leaders even though the ones I bought last year are still in good shape. For what it's worth, I found out about them here on TFM.