Monday, March 21, 2016

Rivers That Begin With The Letter "B"

I'm three river days into a trip with Joel Thompson of Montana TroutAholics with my buddy Dave Lofthouse.  We've floated different sections of river each day with really beautiful conditions.  The bite on skwala dry flies has been a little lacking but have worked just enough to keep it interesting.

Yesterday we added a second boat with Rick Marcum of the Grizzly Hackle Fly Shop, his buddy Joe, and Joel's wife Deb coming along for a long float on a day where it warmed up to 60 degrees. 

Mr. Sparkle Minnow has been working overtime with a few trout each day and then on a couple solid pike in a backwater slough late yesterday afternoon.

Here's a mashup of images from the last three days.  Thanks again to Joel, Rick, and Joe for working the sticks, picking the flies, and putting us on some stellar water.

Today will continue to be warm (in the 50's) with rain off and on all day long.  We're floating another nearby river and hope to finish the trip off strong.  Skwala eaters on top, please...


Arizona Wanderings said...

Looks like an awesome trip Cameron. Thanks for sharing.


bobble said...

Isn't there supposed to be snow in Montana??

Cameron Mortenson said... was a great trip. Just read through your Pyramid Lake post. Man, I need to get back there soon.

bobble...oh, there was snow. Snow when we arrived and snow when we left. Fortunately we caught the "spring break" in the weather and enjoyed days in the 50's and 60's.