Sunday, August 28, 2016

The B.I. Chronicles - Goodbye Until Next Summer

When I think back over the years (six and counting) that I've made trips to Beaver Island, it seems like the last day almost always gets weathered out which ends up being totally fine with the group since after a week on the island it feels like time to go home.
On the last morning it also takes me a bit of time as host to button up the house, pay the bill at the Dalwhinnie Bakery & Deli and tip the girls out, make any last minute flight over arrangements with Island Airways to get back over to the mainland, and finally, get everything squared away with Captain Kevin Morlock of Indigo Guide Service as far as guide fees for the group.  The conversation with Kevin also includes locking in the week for the upcoming year and then making sure The Fisherman's House is reserved as well.  Over the years I've found it's easier to work this all out while still on the island instead of emails and phone calls over the winter.

We woke on the final morning to the winds kicking up and after breakfast it was decided that three of us would stay on the island until afternoon, walking into a couple spots and battle the wind, while the other three would take an early flight over and begin their drive back southward. 

After I had all my hosting duties done, Kevin and I jumped in his truck and drove to several places where we walked in to see if we'd find any carp cruising the shoreline in the off color chop of the waves.  We ended the half day near town and had a few carp slow cruise by with one legitimate shot that I promptly screwed up.  Oh well. 

We waited for awhile longer and then decided to call it.  It was time to head to the airport and then begin the long road trip home to South Carolina.  It had been an excellent week and I am already looking forward to next June to enjoy another week on the island.

Thanks again to the group that tagged along this year and for the hard work by Captain Kevin Morlock, Captain Steve Martinez, and Captain Austin Adduci of Indigo Guide Service making sure we saw a lot of the area and had more than our fair share of shots at carp, smallmouth, and pike.

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