Thursday, August 25, 2016

The B.I. Chronicles - We Ate Like Kings

Meals each morning on Beaver Island typically fall into a groove of a hearty breakfast at the Dalwhinnie Bakery & Deli with the Captains walk out the door with box lunches to put in the boat coolers.  This has been the setup from the first trip to the island that the day starts at the Dalwhinnie.  There's coffee early, WIFI, and a menu with a ton of excellent choices.   

After a day on the water, typically dinner finds the group at one of the several excellent restaurants on the island with the Circle M and the Stoney Acre Grill topping everyone's liking.  This year's trip was a little different since nearly everyone had spent some considerable time in their past lives in restaurant kitchens and wasn't afraid of loading up a cart at the grocery store to make dinner at the hosue.

Alex Landeen put the camera down one evening early in the trip to create of meal of pork loin with yellow bell peppers filled with a mashed potatoes concoction, and corn on the cob grilled with a mayo and spice mixture that was unreal good.

Later in the week Danny Reed and I worked together with him working the grill on large ribeye steaks for everyone with amade from scratch chimichurri sauce on top.  There was also asparagus and I put together a Southern favorite with two tomato pies as an additional side.

Evenings on Beaver Island are always a time for catching up on everyone's exploits on the water from the day and on this trip certainly no one went hungry...or thirsty.


Unknown said...

That tomato pie, though.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Alex... Yeah, that is always a favorite. The South knows how to eat.