Sunday, September 18, 2016

SIGHT LINE PROVISIONS - The "Lost Cast Collection" Permit Bracelet

I have been watching the work of Edgar Diaz of Sight Line Provisions for some time now through is website and social media pages and longtime readers know that I always likes telling the story of how things are made.

As the trip to Blue Horizon Belize approached (I'm boarding my flight in about 30 minutes), I asked Edgar if he would mind creating a special bracelet for me to wear on this trip while chronicling the process step by step.  He obliged and provided a look behind the curtain at his small shop in Austin, Texas with some excellent images and narrative on how he creates his very special craftsman pieces of leather and metal.

It would only make sense to start with the shop door to Sight Line Provisions.  Small shop artisans typically work in very interesting spaces.

Edgar wrote...  “Sight Line Provisions are authentic leather goods inspired by the state of mind that all outdoor lovers get when we are in our element; what we see in our “sight line” is personal and most often what makes our time on the water or in the woods special. These designs are symbols of our shared passion for nature and the thrill of seeing wildlife in their element. Whether you are a photographer, fisher, hunter or hiker; we all share those unexpected moments in the wild that speak directly to our soul.”

This is where the work gets done.  I appreciate Edgar sending along the following excellent step by step images of how the "Lost Cast Collection" Permit bracelet came together.

Edgar wrote...  "First, step, patina the bronze cast Permit to the desired color.  This is the same process I create my laser cut metal badge bracelets."

"With this bracelet, I'll be using one of my Japanese Denim wrapped leather bases."

"I punch out some Horween Nubuck leather using my leather press and designed dies."

"Once the denim wrapped leather base is ready, I start construction of the bracelet by riveting the head around the closure loop."

"I then punch out the holes for placement of the Permit badge."

"Attaching the badge is critical, for presentation and keeping the badge on the bracelet during wear."

"Once attached, I'm then ready to add accent pieces."

"Almost there...I now need to add the closure peg."

"Our "Just Right Sizing" makes this bracelet adjustable from a 5" to 8.5" wrist."

"This "Lost Cast Collection" Permit bracelet is now ready to ship out to Cameron for his trip to Belize."

The "Lost Cast Collection" Permit bracelet is now on my wrist as I write this and it'll be a forever piece of what I hope will be an unbelievable trip to Belize.

See more of Edgar Diaz's work on the Sight Line Provisions website and follow along on the Facebook and Instagram pages.


Mike Sepelak said...

Thanks for this. Makes me appreciate my similar Lost Cast bracelet all the more. Can't wait for the permit pics.

Middlemac said...

Amazing work. Well done, both.