Monday, October 31, 2016


This past weekend we were again in the Pisgah National Forest and after everything was set up at our campsite, I was able to sneak away on Friday afternoon for a couple hours of fly fishing on the Davidson River.  It's been awhile since I've fished this river but small midges in a few colors tend to work no matter the day or time.

I kind of had everything stacked against a good outing with seriously low water along with forgetting the 6X and 7X tippet spools, and was missing some essential midge flies from the fly box.  It was still good to get out for a few hours and had one decent rainbow move to the right side of a narrow riffle nearly a foot to suck in a size 22 gray body sparkle wing RS-2, on 5X.  I guess the presentation must have been just right.

The Swift Fly Fishing Epic Packlight 476 (matched with an Abel TR2 and Epic Glassline 4DT) was along for the trip and this is a really fun four weight that will strike at least two "needs" as the perfect backpacking/travel fly rod along with being easy to stow in the car or gear bag for those just in case opportunities after work or to have along for a trip.

Late afternoon and it was time to head back to camp to start dinner and have everything ready for when the family arrived just after dark.  Bony water or not, it was good to have a couple hours on the water alone to start the weekend off right.


Ralph Long said...

Great to hear you were able to get some "ME" time on water you enjoy. Thanks for sharing!


Middlemac said...

Great photos, sorry we couldn't meet up. I fished the No. Mills that afternoon,lots of fun but little action.

spike said...

The Packlight looks great but $823 on the web site pushes pretty hard. I'd like a new pack rod but have to keep looking. January project. Camping for trout is my favorite way to fish.

Next year, Fox River!