Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Resetting The Switch

I realize that things slowed down to a crawl around here over the last week or so but work has really kicked up with the police department with a series of special events, a last minute donation drive for Hurricane Matthew relief for a nearby community that is still underwater, and everything else that goes into the day of being a supervisor in the division that I work with.  It's busy but I enjoy the work immensely.

Last weekend though, I got to reset the switch.

This past weekend we took off for a few days of camping in western North Carolina and hiking in the Pisgah National Forest.  It's tough to beat some solid family time, putting a few miles on the hiking boots, playing games around the fire, and of course, camp food.  This was a much needed weekend away before the start of another hectic week that we're almost halfway through.

I kept it simple and just took the 50mm lens along with my Nikon for a few snaps from the weekend.  Hadley and Finn are sure growing up fast and weekends like this remind us what really matters.

I can just make it through to Friday morning then we'll be headed back to the Pisgah National Forest for another weekend camping trip with friends.  We're almost all packed up already and this trip should be a snap getting ready for.  I might even get out on the water on Friday before everyone arrives which would be a lot of fun.  I can already smell the campfire and see the stars overhead.


John Haus said...

How awesome. Looking forward to next weekend

The Jersey Angler said...

Pisgah is an awesome place. Enjoy?

Ryan DiAndrea said...

Where can I get the recipe for those apples? Man they look awesome.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Ryan... Easy recipe. Cut apples and saute in butter along with adding a big spoonful of brown sugar and sprinkle some apple pie spice to taste.