Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Cabela's CGR Fiberglass Fly Rods Holiday Sale

Just a heads up that Cabela's is already heavy into the holiday spirit and deep slashed the price of the CGR Fiberglass Fly Rod series to $49.99 each.  You need one of these great fly rods in your life and at this price you might as well get several.

Can't decide which one?  Check out this previous T.F.M. gear review on this fly rod series.

This sale will continue until Christmas but I wouldn't delay too long since these fly rods frequently go on back order due to demand.

Also, take note of free shipping on all orders over $99.  Again, might as well get two...or three CGR fly rods.

Check out the Cabela's website for more information and to get your order in.


Anonymous said...

Ha, bought two anyways. Thanks for the share! Loved these rods when I owned them last. I wish they had more than a 1 yr warrantee though.

Diego said...

It's gone and I missed =(

Mark McKenzie said...

Cameron, any insider info on if the CGR got the ax? I was just checking their website and the CGR is gone from the flyrod section. There are a couple combos left - but no individual rods, and the only results for "CGR" on a search on their site were for the reels (great little reels in their own right) but not the rods.