Thursday, November 10, 2016

TOWEE BOATS - Introducing The Seminole

For the past several years I've been thinking about buying a skiff of some sort.  I've gone back and forth on what I want, how much I can spend, just how much I'll get to use it, and a list of other questions that have all kept me from pulling the trigger.  Not sure when the right time to do it is but at some point, I'll have my own skiff.   

Towee Boats announced the Seminole this week and it's scratching me where I itch for sure.

From the Towee Boats website...

"Towee Boats is pleased to announce the release of the newest member of their Rivermaster series – The Seminole.  In 2010, Towee introduced the Rivermaster Calusa, the technical skiff that invented the term “Crossover Skiff”. Equally outstanding at poling the flats and marshes as it is power drifting rocky rivers with a prop or jet – the Calusa set a new standard for performance, quality, stability, durability and utility while winning a place in the stables of guides and anglers from Alaska to Key West and Canada to Cost Rica.
The Seminole joins the Rivermaster family as the answer to literally hundreds of calls that we have received from anglers who have asked for a value priced skiff without having to sacrifice quality. The Seminole borrows the same hull design as the Calusa yet is laminated with more traditional materials than those used in the Calusa. An open , clean interior features a huge rear casting deck with a large storage tunnel underneath. A simple hull bottom floor gives way to a massive forward casting deck with an even larger storage tunnel underneath for stowing bulky gear. These storage tunnels eliminate the cost of hatches while providing a place to keep you gear out of the way."

The Seminole skiff and trailer is base priced at $4999 with a long list of upgrades available to build out your perfect skinny water skiff.

Visit the Towee Boats website for more information.

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