Saturday, December 24, 2016

BLUE HALO - Christmas Sale

Been eyeing a Blue Halo blank or build?  Time to break the piggy bank as everything is 25% off until January 1st. 

If you don't have the seven weight, well then you need the seven weight.  Just saying.

Visit the Blue Halo website and use discount code "BLUEYEAR17" for the 25% off discount.


Rockfish said...

Thanks for the heads up - my 7 weight arrives tomorrow!!!
Wondering if you could suggest a good all-around warm water line (bass, carp, etc) that pairs well with the Blue Halo 7wt?


Cameron Mortenson said...

Rockfish... Good. You needed it. I really like the S.A. Anadro taper for warmwater but keep it clean.