Monday, January 2, 2017

239 FLIES - The Fly Tying Kits

If I'm remembering the 239 Flies story correctly, tier Nick Davis more or less started his company on Instagram and it's been really interesting to watch him grow his fly tying business over the years.  Nick brings some serious skills with the vise matched with great photography and how to videos.

I noticed last night that he is now offering 239 Flies Fly Tying Kits where not only does he offer up everything that you need to tie a particular fly pattern, there are also step by step tutorials and a video attached with each kit online.

I chose to highlight the Gangster Crab DIY Material Kit but there are thirty in total to choose from.

If one of your New Year's resolution was to tie more flies, this is a good place to start.  No promises that your flies will look like Nick's in the end, but keep trying and tying.

Visit the 239 Flies website, follow on Instagram and check out the videos on YouTube

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