Friday, January 6, 2017


Keep an eye out at your local ECHO Fly Fishing dealer since the Bad Ass Glass fly rod series should be on the rack to take out to the yard to cast. Or order one up for that next salt trip planned over the winter.

I took the nine weight along to Belize (T.F.M. posts HERE and HERE) last fall and the Bad Ass Glass series is going to make a lot of anglers happy who are looking for a quality heavy line weight fiberglass fly rod for way less than three hundred dollars. 

Tim Rajeff breaks down the Bad Ass Glass series in this video that is worth checking out.

Visit the ECHO Fly Fishing website for more information.


Jeffrey Clarke said...

Got my BAD 9 wt. a couple of weeks ago. 3' of snow on the ground prevents me from casting. Headed to the Keys in March, so, it will be "the" rod for anything that swims.
I haven't bought a line yet. Do you have any suggestions? (There are a lot of Rio dealers but no airflow dealers close by)

Dry Rise said...

The blue colour is very similar to Epic's "So Blue" that they offer on their glass rods - as too is the idea of a fibreglass rod tube. I guess imitiation is the best form of flattery!

Donte said...

I have the 8wt...I'm not under snow in Seattle, but I've been test casting it with a a Wulff steelhead triangle taper and a Wulff Bermuda TT which I will use for warm water. Both cast like a dream.

Damthemainstream said...

So far with my 8wt, I really like the 8wt Rio Redfish. It seems like the aggressive shooting head style lines work well for this rod if you're casting a heavy fly. I tried a fairly standard cold water line, and the rod didn't seem to like aerializing that much head to generate its load.