Monday, January 16, 2017

NATE KARNES ART - The Fish Flag Collection

I follow a lot of artists through social media and I had a good time watching Nate Karnes hashing through The Fish Flags Collection art pieces over the past week or so.  There are nine initial fish flags which have been posted on the website as decals to purchase and I'd bet a few more will be added in time. 

I like each of these a lot as they have a sort of Minecraft meets fish art melting together and what a great idea for a catchy looking vinyl decal.  What's your favorite fish?  It might be in the mix.

From the Nate Karnes Art website... 

"The Fish Flag Collection highlights unique attributes of specific fish and captures them in a simple and artistic rendering of that species. My goal was to use a limited color palette, and to use only lines and geometric shapes to create an image that would be symbolic of a particular fish. My hope is that each flag will be recognizable by other fishermen, and perhaps help non-anglers to see and appreciate the beauty of animals that live under the surface."

Want to represent your favorite fish with a decal?  Order one on the Nate Karnes Art website and follow along on Facebook page for the latest studio offerings.


Eric VanAllen said...

Very cool! Simple and Refreshing take on the ol' "trout colors" theme.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Eric... I agree.