Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Fly Fishing Show - Go Meet Dave Whitlock

The Fly Fishing Show kicked off this weekend in Denver and my buddy Mike Boward of walked the show on Friday afternoon and took along his L.L. Bean Fly-Fishing Handbook with him in case Dave Whitlock was there. 

Dave Whitlock did have a booth at the show and Mike asked him if he would sign his book.  Mike has had this book for years and, like many, this book did a lot to teach him how to fly fish.  Dave graciously sat down and inked a signature along with taking some time to color in and sketch some artful additions to the cover page.

The process of Dave Whitlock autographing a book or print is always such a neat experience to be part of and when Mike passed along a couple images of his book, it reminded me of several past T.F.M. posts worth taking a look at.



The carp and smallmouth (with pesky bluegill in the background) hangs on the wall of my office and certainly a favorite piece from my fishing art collection.

Going to The Fly Fishing Show this winter?  Make sure you stop by and pick up a print from Dave Whitlock.  It's an experience you won't soon forget.


Roger Bird said...

I took my "Orvis Guide to Small Stream Fishing" to Manchester, VT. to have Tom Rosenbauer autograph. The store took it for me, he autographed it, and they sent it back FOR FREE.

Bigdryfly said...

He is a true gentleman, and a legend of the sport. Nice post!

Ben Mckinley said...

Really cool images, I'll have to check out that book.

Howard Levett said...

Dave is like the energizer bunny, he just keeps going. It was nice to see him here again this year and sorry I missed Mike.

Grandpa Mel said...

Well, Cameron, I did not make the Show again this year. But, I do have a Dave Whitlock story to share with you all. Back in the late 1970's, I was new to fly fishing and all that it offered. But boy, was I ever, hooked. I belonged to the local fly fishing club in Boise, Idaho, at the time. At the annual banquet of the club that year I bought a ticket to support the function. Dave Whitlock was the guest speaker at the banquet. Me, I had heard the name, but, was still too green behind the ears in fly fishing to no much more. The club, unannounced to me as part of the banquet, presented me with a fly fishing vest that came equipped with just about everything a person could want back in the day. The Award was for being the most energetic new club member of the year....... As I walked up to receive my vest, still in shock, that they had chosen me of all people... Dave Whitlock walked over to shake my hand and put two of his famous Bass Bugs on the fleece patch of my new vest! I will never forget the brief moments I had with Dave Whitlock!

Doug said...

went to the show this year, my friend Greg bought a book from Dave, we were astonished by the autograph.. a small work of art really. I'd already spent my budget by then, next year will visit Dave first..

Cameron Mortenson said...

Fellows, so many cool Whitlock experiences. Just a testament to who he is as an artist but more importantly a person.

P.S. Tom Rosenbauer is cut from the same "Good Dude" cloth.