Thursday, February 9, 2017

GREEN BUS DESIGNS - Rainbow Trout Fly Box Art

Michael Williams of Green Bus Designs has been busy this winter creating a lot of excellent artwork with much of it ending up on Cliff Outdoors Bugger Beast fly boxes.

I asked Micheal if he'd chronicle a fly box creation from an idea on paper to finished.  This rainbow trout fly box really shows how his art is continuing to change and evolve.

Michael Williams wrote...  "This Cliff Bugger Beast Jr. fly box was done for a guy in British Columbia and is one of two commissioned pieces that he has asked for.  This rainbow trout fly box is the second in a series that I have started to do in which I have thrown out my old methods and taken more of a painterly approach to the fly boxes.  By no means am I painting but I am using the markers in a way that would make one think that it has been done in such a way.  

I've really began to look at every fish as a series of layers, instead of the whole.  I am still new to all of this yet I can see a huge amount of growth since a little less than a year ago.  This fly box is my favorite to date and really is probably the closest I will ever get to realism in my work, although you never know!"

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