Saturday, June 3, 2017

Three Weight Water

Saturday morning dawned early with the sun peaking through the clouds making for a warmer and already dryer day than the last two which were filled with rain during our stay last weekend while in Vermont.  We finished another excellent breakfast at The Inn at Manchester, took in the "Orvis Days" event at the flagship store down the road, and then Matt and I took off in the rental car for three spots that had been pinned on my iPhone map. 

The spots on the map were all local blue lines close to town that were perfect for a glass three weight fly rod, clicker fly reel, a few dry flies, nymphs, and soft hackles, and a spool of 5X tippet in my pocket.  Through the course of the day, Matt and I broke off a few flies on overhanging branches or lost to a rock or logjam in a deep undercut.  A good reminder that a dozen flies picked up at the local fly shop may not be enough for a few hours on the water if the canopy of trees are especially grabby.

We stopped and waded each of the three spots on the map and found different water at each.  Vermont it seems is in no short supply of water that you can have all to yourself with a bit of a walk or a roadside pull off.

Matt's hasn't been fly fishing for all that long and was all smiles as we drove back into Manchester to meet up with our wives for dinner.  This day was a mix of small rainbow, brown, and brook trout that mostly took the subsurface fly but every now and again one would rise for the dry fly to keep it interesting. 


mick warren said...

Sweet that is my sort of water

Ryan S said...

That's fantastic! I love throwing Trudes, Royal Wulff's, and ridiculously high floating flies with peacock and lime. The trout don't have to be selective there...the casting conditions take care of that for them. Awesome post.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Mick... I always forget how much fun water is like this until I'm there again.

Ryan... No kidding. Your fly box will take a beating for sure. I started with two dozen flies and left with five or six.