Saturday, February 24, 2018

DF DISPATCHES: Rocky Road - Nevada Blue Lining

There's a lot to like about Dave Fason.  He's got camera skills, travels quite a bit and digs fiberglass fly rods.  He's been doing a lot of work recently with Chris Barclay of C. Barclay Fly Rod Co. (more on that later) and he's offered to start putting together short photo stories of his glass adventures which will be dubbed the "DF Dispatches".

The first article is a trip into the Nevada backcounty poking around for a very special cutthroat stronghold on small hard to get to water.  Enjoy.

Dave wrote...  "When you think of Nevada typically one city comes to mind, Las Vegas. Typical descriptions of the area include the barren desert land with bright city lights, people dressed in costumes and the continual sound of slot machines . My wife was heading to Vegas to work at the WNFR (Wrangler National Finals Rodeo) and I figured why not piggy back a trip to see what it was all about?  Living in North Carolina I find myself searching regional maps, inquiring with locals and exploring for random blue lines. I never thought about doing the same in Vegas. 

When a fellow glass enthusiast sent me a private message about a "spot" outside Vegas, I had to jump on it. I packed the Barclay 64P, a handful of flies and the Abel reel in my bag and boarded the plane. I rented a car the last day and set out to find the Lahontan Cutthroat species only located in a few places including this one."

"The angler told me to be ready for a bumpy ride and boy was he right.  After an hour and a half on a gnarly road I came to the last half mile of solid ice.  Turn back? No way!  While that may have been the safer decision (according to my wife), I texted her my coordinates, packed my backpack and hiked in.  I reached the creek and instantly felt at home. Small creek fishing for even smaller wild fish. The high temperature was between 31-33 so I selected a sub-surface bug, a modified killer bug. It took an hour to find where they were, but shortly after I found fish every other hole. The fish, scenery and remoteness were perfect. This will be a day to remember!"

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