Tuesday, February 6, 2018

HANAUSEK RODS - Two Builds, Two Very Different Looks

Last week I went through the Fiberglass Rod Shops page and cleaned out or updated links to keep it current.  It was also a good reminder that Kurt Hanausek of Hanausek Rods had sent images from two recent fiberglass fly rod builds that he had completed that really show off his work as a builder with both traditional and contemporary senses of style.

Kurt Hanausek wrote...  "I wanted to show how different two custom rods can be even if the base, the blank, is the same.  I choose a private label blank from my friend Karl Bartsch in neongreen.  Obviously an intense colour but a good one if you want to create special "twins".

In the end I would say that I created one which is a bit like classic music and the other one like hard rock.  One very light, clean, stripped down (yes, it was also green before) to underline pure glas-style. The second is full of extras and unnecessary details (fighting butt, thread cross wrap under the reel seat, second larger thread cross wrap, etc.). 
What suprised me now the most is, that nearly all of the people I showed them couldn´t decide, which they liked more."

Visit the Hanausek Rods website for more of Kurt's work and follow along with the latest shop news on Facebook.

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