Saturday, February 10, 2018

HARD & COLD FLY RODS - Johan's Artful Reel Seats

There are so many fly rod builders who are from all over the world on Instagram and I really enjoy seeing their takes on builds from thread wraps to hardware.  I've been following Johan Stomberg of Hard & Cold Fly Rods for some time now and recently he's been creating reel seats with a real flair.

I reached out to him with a message yesterday afternoon and he quickly replied with a few notes on how these reel seats are made along with images his last three reel seats.

A little bit about Johan...  He's in his early 40's and lives in Dalarna, Sweden.  He started fly fishing in the late 1980's.  He works as a photographer and loves rod building along with developing new looks for it.  These artful reel seats are just one of the ways that Johan is doing something a little different.  A scroll through his Instagram feed is testament to that.

Fly fishing and photography certainly go together and the rod builders that I enjoy following online most are the ones that really know how to show their work in the most exceptional ways.

The steps involved to create one of Johan's art reel seats require sensitive finger tips, precision and patience but when it's done it'll be totally worth it.
  • Lathe the wood reel seat insert slightly smaller in diameter to give space for the additional layers which will be added during this process.
  • Paint the wood insert white and lightly sand it when it has completely dried.
  • Laser print the artwork of your choosing on plain paper.
  • Cut the artwork to the dimensions of the insert and put a thin layer of glue on the print.
  • Wrap the artwork around the insert.
  • When the glue has dried, damp the paper and begin peeling/rubbing it off.
  • This is the hard part.  Work slowly.  Have patience.  Do not overdo it.  Let it dry.
  • Add a thin layer of clear coating.
  • For some sparkling, spray it with glitter paint.
  • Add several thin layers of clear coating.
  • Sand and polish until satisfied with your work. 

To enjoy more of Johan's work or to keep up with the latest shop news, please give him a follow on his Hard & Cold Fly Rods Instagram page.

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