Saturday, July 28, 2018

FLYLIFE TV - Jim Bartschi on the Scott Fibertouch

The FlyLife Magazine crew were on the ground at the recent iCAST show and took a few minutes to talk to Jim Bartschi of Scott Fly Rod Company to discuss the new Fibertouch line up.

More goodness like this on the FlyLife TV YouTube channel and of course, take some time to check out the FlyLife Magazine website.


Shanklao Hanpad said...

Really informative post, thanks for sharing. Spinning fishing rods are most often used in freshwater locations, although you can buy heavier rods for saltwater or boat use. Spinning rods are designed to suit an eggbeater style reel and are used for casting and retrieving lures and baits. Many general purpose rods are called spin rods. It is likely that if you want to do a little river fishing, some pier fishing, or maybe light boat fishing that a spin fishing rod may be your best spinning rods

Shanklao Hanpad said...
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Unknown said...

Great visio by Scott showcasing they're New ribertouch rods. Can't wait to give one a try one. I do however disagree that fiberglass is only usefull for small streams and little fish.Recently purchased an eight and a half footer for an eight weight from Ricks Rods. Casts like a dream at any distance as well as being deadly accurate. Large low country fish should be no problem on this old phillipson.