Thursday, October 11, 2018

THE SUSTAINABLE ANGLER - Tips on Plastic-Free Camping

A couple of years ago I shook hands with Rick Crawford at a shindig that Flood Tide Co. was throwing and liked him immediately.  He's a "life of the party" kind of guy, wears loud Hawaiian shirts, smiles a lot and will happily buy you a drink.  It was also very evident within our first conversation that he had a focused plan for his company, Emerger Strategies and it's been interesting to watch his work extend through the fly fishing industry as he works with companies and lodges, hosts round table discussions and always looking to extend his reach.  Ideas, followed up by action, in conservation, environmental impact and sustainability are all in his wheelhouse and he's helping businesses make better choices for the future.  

Recently Rick published several posts on his blog, The Sustainable Angler, which focused on a trip to the Everglades earlier this year and highlighted the deliberate ways that he went "plastic-free". 

You can click through each post here...


Life without all plastics is unlikely but by being aware we can all make more deliberate choices when it comes to things like single-use plastics.  I know that our family is trying to make better decisions with everything from remembering to bring fabric shopping bags with us to the grocery store to re-usable straws to topping off metal water canisters instead of grabbing another damn plastic water bottle from the fridge.  Every little (and big) choice counts in making a difference.

Check out the Emerger Strategies website and follow along on The Sustainable Angler Facebook page as Rick is constantly posting great content there as well.

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