Friday, November 23, 2018

HUGE FLY FISHERMAN - 3 Videos You Need Today

Not sure what your Black Friday looks like but mine will be spent tackling Christmas decorations, figuring out what string of (#*$%) lights aren't working on the tree, a turkey sandwich and leftovers for lunch, more decorations, maybe some yard work that I've been putting off, too much Christmas music and then making a pot of chili with a family holiday movie or two to end the day. It'll be a lot.

If you don't know Ben Sittig, aka @carelessethiopian on Instagram, then you might not realize that he's a "Huge Fly Fisherman" but his recently launched YouTube channel is sharing bits and pieces of his knowledge for all to enjoy. 

Click PLAY on all three of these (one at a time) and take a break.  The Christmas lights can wait.

For more goodness, follow Ben on Instagram and YouTube.  You're welcome.

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